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About Us

Angel Care Community Services provides Companion Care Services, Community Events, Local Resources and Programs to support the Growth, Well-Being and Health of our Seniors, Youth and Individuals with Disabilities in our local community.

Some of our programs include: Angel Care Companion Services, In-Home & Community based companion care, transportation, meal prep & planning, and local resources to support our seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Fight 4 Our Youth and Indakut Racing and Hobby Shop provides Community Based programs, events, trips, workshops and mentors to support our youth ages 6-18 years old.

Coming Soon! A Sobriety House, a Safe, Stable, Supporting and Loving home for Teens and Adults in recovery. Individual Coaching, Group Classes and fun hands-on programs guides you through 21 Safe Steps to Lifetime Recovery.


for tomorrow's communities

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide Services, Programs, Events and Local Resources to support the Growth, Well-Being and Health of our Seniors, Youth, Individuals with Disabilities and Families in our local communities. 

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Our Vision

To become a Community coming together as ONE...In LOVE...and in UNISON, wholeheartedly devoted to serving the aging, disabled, and youth; whilist having a reputation for providing the highest standard of in-home and community care services. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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