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I Replace Fear With Faith


Good Morning Queens!

Welcome to your Daily Dose of Love Affirmations…Where we don’t just Affirm… We ACT! We start with Affirmations to inspire, encourage, and level up your life and then reflect on ways to APPLY the Affirmation to your life daily.

Today’s Daily Dose of Love we affirm…I Replace Fear with Faith.

In these uncertain times, it is imperative that I pay attention to my emotional states. I realize how easily it is to be triggered at this time. I let go of those emotions that fail to support me, such as fear, self-doubt and anxiety and usher in faith, hope and love instead.

I constantly monitor my thoughts and feelings. I take a barometer reading of where I am on the happiness scale. I move the dial up when it gets below neutral.

I choose to unplug from the negative news. I choose to take a break from social media. I let go of people in my life who try to bring me down.

I let go of my addiction to controversial subjects. I let go of the constant bantering of political media. I turn off my television and computer. I take a break from the external world.

I choose to spend my time in nature. I walk my dog. I sit by a tree. I go barefoot in the grass.

I read uplifting books. I subscribe to positive publications. I find positive people to have congenial conversations with.

I find positive ways of using my time. I use exercise programs that fulfill me. I choose healthy foods.

I notice what lifts me up and I do more of that. I find positive articles that support my faith in life.

Today, I recite positive affirmations throughout the day. I feel my mood improving in each moment. I am on my path from fear into faith.

Affirm with me today: I Replace Fear with Faith.

As you go throughout your day today…Reflect…

What can I do to strengthen my faith?

When that fear or self-doubt demon rears its ugly head, who can I talk to who will help lift me up?

How can I be an example of someone who has overcome fear and applies faith principles to their life?

Are you catching our Podcasts?! Join us this afternoon for our Noon Day Daily Dose of Love as we discuss in recognition of World Cancer Day this past Saturday, the Top 5 Health Screenings for Middle-Aged Women.

Listen & Subscribe to the Podcast on your favorite media player and for more Daily Encouragement follow me @IAmYolandaFisher on all Social Outlets.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day on Purpose My Sister! Spread a Dose Love today.

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