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Meet Yolanda

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

2 Corinthians 5:17

Wife, Mom, Serial-Entrepreneur, Author and Certified Transformation Life Coach

After 13 years of marriage to my "middle school sweetheart"; I finally decided enough was enough. With my 4 young boys in tow, having been a stay-at-home wife and mom for the past 10 years we packed whatever we could fit in our van...and left. 

The next year post divorce was the longest, darkest year of my life. They say loss comes in 3's, the three years leading up to my divorce my family and I experienced the tragic losses of both my brother and my sister back to back. Followed by a divorce from the only real relationship I had ever known...I truly hit ROCK BOTTOM mentally and physically. Most days unable to pull myself out of bed and not wanting to even see the light of day, I FINALLY decided after a year of was time to pick myself up again.

I re-entered the workforce and quickly climbed my way up the corporate ladder in Restaurant Management. Deciding it was time to try my luck at love again, I re-married. I unfortunately did not learn my lesson too well and ended up back into another failed relationship and again at the hands of Domestic Violence, Mental Abuse and now habitual infidelity. However THANK GOD! I QUICKLY realized what was going on, 5 years later and now with a baby girl involved I was DETERMINED I would NOT allow my daughter to see, go through or experience the same things I myself went through and witnessed with my own mother. 

Although it meant I had to give up A LOT, I made it my mission to move on and again after almost loosing it all, I had to pick up the pieces and start over. This time armed with 23 years of experience and lessons; I KNEW it was time to do things differently...

2020 while most others were loosing their minds being stuck in the house....I TRULY enjoyed the MUCH NEEDED RESET! I surrendered my life to God and rededicated myself to Christ and He IMMEDIATELY went to WORK! Literally re-molding me from the inside...out. Over the last 3 years God has truly been doing a mind-blowing truly transformative work on Me...Mind, Soul and Body! 

They say losses come in 3's...well I say so do BLESSINGS! These last 3 years of my journey have been nothing short of AMAZING! I've never experienced as much PEACE and JOY as I do now. And the added Blessing of FINALLY finding the Husband God TRULY made for ME doesn't hurt either :-). I'd be lying through my teeth if I sat here and made you believe that these last 3 years have been "perfect"...BY FAR! However, with a RENEWED MIND and the POWER OF PRAYER, I have learned how to turn even seemingly hard times into life's GREATEST lessons!

My only hope and prayer is that maybe my story and experiences will reach other women enough for them to make the decision TO GET OUT, RESET and have the COURAGE to know that they can, and believe in themselves enough to watch their own lives transform for the positive. The Blessing for me at the end of the day is to see them SMILING the Joy that I know they will receive when they look back and say "I DID IT!"

My journey is not complete and my story is still being written. Everyday I rise I look forward to the new adventures God has awaiting me...follow my journey or better yet, how about making the commitment to start yours today...I'd LOVE to help you!

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